Westview Dental Wellness Program

If you’re not covered or you’re paying too much dental insurance for services you’re not using, consider our annual Dental Wellness Program. It’s designed to keep your dental care regular, easy and affordable. It can save you money and keep your teeth healthy with routine preventative care.

When it comes to your oral health, your best option is prevention. Everyone deserves to be examined by skilled and well-trained dentists and hygienists. And it’s especially important to protect your teeth and gums, as well as monitor for potential dental issues. Regular exams and teeth cleanings will help you maintain good oral health, which also contributes to your general wellness.

For our patients who are 13 and older, the Wellness Dental Program is a great way to maintain your annual dental hygiene and it can potentially save you money compared to what you might pay even with some dental insurance plans or with out-of-pocket costs. And because the plan allows for annual teeth cleaning and dental examinations, it’s a good way to prevent more costly dental work from occurring.

How it Works

The Dental Wellness Program at Westview is an annual membership program. It is not dental insurance and it only covers dental services at our office or with partners from our Specialist Program.

Sign Up & Start Saving

It’s easy! Just ask for an application packet! Once you’re approved and set up in our system, you can schedule your first appointment. Scheduling your dental examinations and teeth cleanings every 6 months can help prevent dental problems from occurring and also spot any possible oral health problems early, like tooth decay, teeth grinding or gum disease. It can also help detect early signs of oral cancer.

The Westview Dental Wellness plan will help you maintain your routine dental visits and also save you some money, especially if you don’t have dental insurance, or if your existing insurance provides less coverage or charges high monthly premiums.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Wellness Plan, please let us know when you schedule your appointment or visit our office

* Some exclusions to the Wellness Dental Plan may apply, such as discounts towards teeth whitening refills, electronic tooth brushes and prescriptions towards toothpaste and fluoride.  Also, discounts will not apply if a patient chooses to go to a dental provider outside Westview Dental Specialists Program. Please contact us for more information.

The cost of the membership is paid annually and covers the program benefits for a period of 12 months, starting from the date of enrollment. Discounts provided within the program do not apply towards any dental treatments started prior to enrollment, or towards any treatments performed after the membership has expired.

As the discounts given within the Westview Dental Wellness Plan are significant, we ask that all additional fees for dental services be paid in full at the time of service, except for procedures requiring multiple appointments. These require a payment of 50% of the total fee when the procedure is initiated, with the balance paid in full prior to the completion of the procedure.